Facilities & Amenities

Alianthos Suites is a small sized hotel within an impressive 8-acre plot, landscaped with lawns, flowers, fruit trees, olive trees, vines and vegetable garden. The natural surroundings have been the owners’ lifetime project. Where once there were shrubs, wildflowers and rocks, now lays a piece of heaven tantalizing the senses and bringing childhood memories to the surface. The hotel owns an open-air restaurant by the pool, a kids and adults swimming pool, a pool bar, a tennis court by the sea, an exterior BBQ with dining area, a private deck by the shore and of course the lush gardens that surround the buildings.

Restaurant & Pool bar

The open-air restaurant and pool bar are jointly located on the ground level and serve breakfast, a-la-carte menus and snacks from early morning till late at night. The hotel’s restaurant serves breakfast daily from 7.30am – 10am while the pool bar serves snacks, beverages, coffees and cocktails, daily from 7.30am till 22.00pm. In our meals we use the property’s products such as fresh cut fruits (lemons, figs, grapes, apricots, pomegranates and vegetable (tomatoes, cucumbers), as well as home-made olive oil and wine. The restaurant also serves delicious Mediterranean and Cretan cuisine a-la-carte for those who would love to rest in the hotel for the entire day

The Pools

The hotel owns two adjoining pools; one for adults measuring 105m² and one suitable for kids, measuring 15m². The pools are highly maintained and daily cleaned, in order to secure our guests hygiene. The terrace around the pool area is welcoming and shaded by trees, enjoying a great view of the Cretan sea and the White mountains.

Private bay

If you are an experienced swimmer and a true sea lover, a short downhill walk from the pool’s terrace will lead you to the sea where you can have a memorable view of the summer sunset. With some minimal interventions on the rocky coast, we have created a private bay where you can dive and savor the freshness of the Cretan sea.


If you wish we could organize a barbeque or to cook a private dinner for you and your family. You just have to inform our welcoming staff.

Tennis court

For tennis enthusiasts and for those who wish to have a go at this fun-filling, for-all- ages, sport, we own a full-scale, private tennis court by the sea coast. Give us a prior notice, so we can allocate you a time slot and provide you with tennis rackets and balls. We can assure you it is a unique experience given its location. Have a match while enjoying the sea views and the White Mountains right across.